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The truth is – before you can work as an actor – you first have to book the job. This is the challenge for most actors. You cannot book the job if you are focused on “booking the job!” You have to show up authentically, set aside all the “actor-y” stuff, and instead, believably experience the life written on the page. You have to act – without acting. This is where we can help.

Annie’s passion, talent and wisdom have been invaluable to me as an actor. I hold her in the highest regard.

- Oscar Winner, Bohemian Rhapsody
Annie is a great teacher who is committed to both the craft of acting as well as her students. She knows how to get the best performances from you by teaching you how to make bold choices as your character in the script.

Top Gun: Maverick;
Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning
Annie was instrumental in teaching me how to confidently act for TV and film. I studied with her for about 5 years and in that time, my work became more grounded, honest and impactful. Studying with Annie has made all the difference for me.

Series Regular, SNL
My training at Annie Grindlay was an integral part in the launching of my career. Her understanding of the craft gave me so much confidence and trust in the audition process, and her private coaching allowed me to dig deeper within my character’s choices. She’s my absolute favorite!

Series Regular, Station 19
I've worked with Annie for many years. Her ability to break down a scene and communicate with actors is unparalleled! Annie's studio is one of the best acting resources in Los Angeles.

Series Regular, The Resident
Annie continues to help me thrive as an actor and collaborator. Training at Annie Grindlay Studio has balanced my theater training with incredibly grounded, present, and powerful, on-camera performance and audition technique. Her teaching continues to powerfully shift the trajectory of my career to new heights.

Series Regular, Good Trouble
I like to think of Annie as my not-so-secret weapon. Thanks to her approach, I developed an understanding of the audition process and learned valuable skills that I could carry over onto set. I have a tremendous respect and gratitude for her.

Series Regular, FUBAR (Netflix);
Series Regular, AP Bio (NBC / Universal)
When I started working with Annie I started booking. Her methodology of the River and the canoe, helped me understand that the words were just the canoe, and my work and freedom came from my River. I use it every time I’m on set.

Series Regular, Chicago Fire
I started working with Annie at the very beginning of my career. She was a big champ in my corner. Having positive and constructive support like that are vital to your growth as an actor.

Series Regular, Friday Night Lights;
Series regular, Euphora
Working with Annie, Jo-Ann, and Carla has completely transformed the way I approach auditions. They have instilled in me the technique and confidence to carve out my best work every time I get challenging material. Simply put, they're the best!!

Series Regular, AP Bio (NBC/Universal)
I've studied off and on at the studio for 10+ years and always check back in for a refresh. I use a lot of her tools "unstated moments" on set and in my tapes to this day. The last 2 years I booked 7 Recurring - Guest Stars and 3 Studio movies and pinned for 11 other projects and got traction on all my audition tapes.

Recurring, High Dessert;
Law & Order

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Whether you’re just starting out, or you have a BFA in theater, or you’re a seasoned, working actor, the Annie Grindlay Method will teach you how to have a real, human experience – and to stop “acting” when you audition. Our focus is on “acting without acting” – showing you how to dive into character work, live in the moment, and step fully into the life on the page.

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Get a preview of what it's like to work with Annie! This free acting workshop is available online or in-person in Los Angeles. Simply click below to sign up!
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You'll get to work on sides when you sample a free audition class to see how we work! Try one of our acting classes for free in-person or online with Jo-Ann Pantoja.


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A Complete Suite of On-Camera Audition Classes in Los Angeles


Take the Advanced Intensive class if you're a working actor who wants to book more consistently. The Advanced Intensive is an on-camera auditioning class designed to deepen the craft and technique of actors who are currently out in the professional world auditioning and working in film and television.


Take the Fundamental Intensive class if you have previous acting training and may even be working professionally or are just beginning your career as an actor. The Fundamental Intensive is an on-camera auditioning class that introduces you to the foundational tools and practices to help you on your path to mastering your auditions.


Do you need to work on your audition mastery but also need guidance with navigating the business of acting? We offer this online acting class to help you focus your efforts on improving your audition skills while also building the structure and habits to push you forward in your business as an actor, from networking to getting representation.


Today’s commercials demand an authentic approach that feels real and believable to audiences. The Commercial Intensive acting class is an on-camera audition class is for actors who want to up-level their auditioning for commercials. We’ll teach you the techniques that help you win in today’s commercial landscape. All levels. Offered four times a year.


Once you have completed an Intensive audition class, you will be invited to join an ongoing class. These classes take place once a week and are offered at various times during the week. Actors are admitted as space becomes available.


Get a handle on your career with this massively empowering Ongoing Audition and Business class. You’ll develop concrete audition skills and work on business accountability and best practices. All levels. You must have completed an Intensive Class to join.


We've got answers.

Yes! We offer a free workshop with Annie so you can meet her and preview what it’s like to study with her.
Yes! Whether you are just starting out, a college graduate with a BFA in theatre, or even a seasoned actor who has been working for years, the Annie Grindlay Method will help you grow and refine your audition approach.
Absolutely! You can take a sample class with Jo-Ann Pantoja absolutely free.

Yes, we offer an Online Intensive Audition class and all of our instructors offer online Ongoing acting classes. Check out our class schedules for more information!

We’ve got your back! All our instructors offer coaching. Check out our Coaching link in the main menu!

Our classes start at $270 for ongoing audition classes. Intensive classes vary. Contact us to find out more!

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