Mixed Level Online Intensive

Why This Class?

In this six-week online acting class, you will learn how to embrace the new way the entertainment industry works now. What I teach you is how not to shy away from online self-tapes and callbacks but to be empowered by them. 

This acting class is taught via Zoom and is limited to 12 students.

What to Expect

1) Authentic Voice: Ever find yourself saying, “How does casting want me to do it?” And so you often try to do it perfectly to book the job. Wrong. Digging in and viscerally finding your true voice is vital. Directors want to see the true you. Strive to be unapologetic about your work.

2) Limitless Imagination: Sitting around and memorizing lines is never conducive to actually memorizing. It’s boring. It doesn’t activate the imagination. We work on how to bring that creative element along with, as you go about your day. This allows a working method that comes in handy in for those last minute auditions with a short turnaround time.

3) Making it your own: There are the obligations of what the writer requires of the part. And then, there is you, molding with the words to become one with them. The skeleton is the words. You are the flesh and blood. Your soul is what you bring.

4) Point of view: Take ownership. Make it specific. Know what you want. Nothing can be vague in acting. This philosophy also applies both to your craft and business.

5) Fearlessness: Does fear of failure stop you from handling the business side of acting? Do you sometimes feel like an imposter playing the role of an actor? In the business part of class, I teach you how, in the face of these fears, to reject the imposter syndrome. Being in an environment of like-minded artists elevates your muscle for taking action.

6) Career Forward: Time to put your plan into action. The stepping stones and groundwork are there for the taking in this all encompassing class. It’s ground work you lay here in this class that you will take with you for the rest of your acting career in the entertainment business.

The Fundamental, Mixed Level, Advanced classes are a prerequisite to join an Ongoing acting class. An Ongoing class is recommended to keep sharpening the skills you’ve learned. 

Your Instructor

Jo-Ann Pantoja


Upcoming Classes

July 2024:
June 30th – August 18th
Sun: 11am – 3pm
*No classes on July 7th and July 28th 

August 2024:
August 25th – October 6th
Sun: 11am – 3pm
*No class on September 1st

Online via Zoom

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