Ongoing Audition Class

Why This Class?

An Ongoing class is recommended after completing an Intensive class to keep sharpening the skills you’ve learned. 

Classes are in-person and online and offered once a week at various times so you can continue to work on your craft at a time that works with your schedule!

Students are admitted as space becomes available.

The Fundamental, Mixed Level or Advanced Intensive classes are a prerequisite to join this class.

What to Expect

In the Ongoing classes, students have the opportunity to practice and perfect what you learned in the Intensive. We work on camera every class with current audition material. We want to ensure that you receive well-rounded training so each week we focus on a different skill or technique necessary for you to succeed in your auditions:

Class 1 - Drama with a 40 minute prep

Are you ready for an audition with very little prep time? In class 1, we’ll show you how to show up for a dramatic audition you haven’t had a lot of time to prepare for. You’ll learn how not make it about how you feel, but instead how authentically and believably experience the situation and the conversation with the other person in the story.

Class 2 - Drama with prepared sides

You got the callback! Or you have a long lead time for an audition (lucky you!) Now what? In class 2, you’ll learn how to deepen the experience while still continuing to live in the moment authentically and believably even when you’ve had the sides for some time. 

Class 3 - Comedy with a 40 minute prep

In class 3, we turn our focus to single-camera and multi-camera comedy and show you how these require a different approach. We’ll work with you to master these comfortably, to find the funny, and to live authentically in the moment while doing it!

Class 4 - Comedy with prepared sides

Class 4 rounds out your monthly practice with sides from a single-camera or multi-camera comedy that builds on the learnings and practice from class 3. We’ll use sides from shows in prep or current production to deepen your craft and comfort with comedic situations in your auditions.


All our instructors offer ongoing classes.


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Class schedules

Classes are offered daily at various times of day. Click here to view our ongoing class schedule.