Auditioning: Be a Human Not an Actor

So, every actor wants to make every conversation as strong and emotional as possible. Right? Well, saying every actor may be a bit over dramatic but that over dramatic inclination is exactly what I am talking about. 

The inclination when an actor reads a conversation, is to make choices and find their side slashes which is exactly what they should be doing… to an extent. There is a point at which actors, in search of strong choices, lose their humanity of what a person really deals with in an actual real life situation. For instance, if a conversation has a description of a person, of significance, within the dialogue and it is obvious that this person meant so much that this person saying it could get emotional, the inclination is to push for or even if real emotion, the actor may over dramatize the situation in a effort to “feel.” However, in reality the human experience to fight against that. To contain the pain and contain the emotion because most people are not willing to let that out in a public or even private experience. This fight, this struggle is what we as the viewer or we as the producer are drawn to. It is undeniable when we see it on the screen and nothing compares to it when we feel it within the experience of the conversation.

Thus, the point of this is to trust the humanity of the conversation and let that experience produce the result of the conversation because the humanity, like the answering of WHY’s, produces the river upon which the life of the conversation resides. 

Remember… Actors want to feel! Human being want to deal! Choose to be human not an actor!

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